Month: December 2014

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    How much do you value tech savvyness?

    Dec 30, 2014 3:32pm | by jesse

    In a society saturated with technology, literacy plays a central and enabling role when it comes to success and prosperity. Add to that a rapid rate of technological change, and the ability to learn fast, let alone a zeal for education, is crucial. While there are some who may dismiss and belittle game playing as […]

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    Are we too reliant on technology?

    Dec 16, 2014 10:06am | by jesse

    We shape our tools, and in exchange our tools shape us. This interaction that exists between our tools and how we use them creates a broader culture of technology that drives us to constantly find better and smarter tools. Carnegie Mellon University Professor Jessica Hammer describes this as a larger responsibility: “I think we have […]

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    Hear from the Directors

    Dec 15, 2014 7:45am | by admin

    Inside Doc Studio: One on one discussions with the director’s of “Avatar Secrets” and “Life After Digital.” Filmmaker Marc de Guerre talks about his film “Life After Digital”. The film is a look at the impact of the World Wide Web 20 years after its introduction to society. Ramona Pringle talks about her interactive documentary Avatar […]


    Who are you online?

    Dec 1, 2014 7:51am | by jesse

    There is a powerful promise to the notion that you can be anyone that you want to be. This may explain part of the appeal of online environments, the opportunity to construct a new identity or a new side of our self that has been neglected, untapped, or ignored. Whether it’s in the creation of […]

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    The Agenda: Avatar Secrets & Life After Digital

    Dec 1, 2014 7:48am | by admin

    Life After Digital: [panel discussion] For all of the connectedness that the online world gives us, it comes with a cost: the potential loss of privacy. Is this loss simply the price to pay for staying globally connected? Avatar Secrets: [director’s interview] Ramona Pringle, interactive director and producer, sits down with The Agenda to discuss […]