How To Participate

TV Ontario is a public broadcaster, and as an extension, we’d like you to regard Future Now as its digital equivalent. A resource for the public to engage and discuss important issues that arise from the hybrid reality that our digital devices foster.

We invite you to participate by as many means as possible. In particular this website provides a number of ways in which you can engage these issues and the public at large.

We will be posting a wide range of issues that begin with a poll —  a question to frame the broader context, soliciting your quick answer or perspective. Attached to each poll is a deeper exploration of that context, that taps into the expertise included in our two documentaries, and that offers a place for you to comment and add to the conversation.

How to Participate, Future NOW

However, in an era of ample social media there’s no reason to limit the dialogue to our own website. Rather we encourage and quite frankly depend upon you to take these issues to your own community. To engage your community where they socialize, whether at the dinner table, on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you think these issues apply.

We’re using the hashtag #TVOFutureNow and if you choose to do the same, we can follow how your community relates to these issues and arguments.

How to Participate, Future NOW

The future is what we make it. And the future that we want is one that involves mutual-respect, dignity, kindness, and compassion.

This means we’re not going to tolerate disrespect, harassment, or general nastiness. If that’s your cup of tea, the Internet is a big place, and you can sulk elsewhere.

We thank you profusely for your time and interest. If there are issues in either documentary that you feel we should address that we have not already, please let us know.

We’re excited about the future and thrilled you’ll be part of it with us.